New year, new us

A fiery update for the winter season, and beyond

Created by: Lachlan Johnston, on February 25, 2018

Our new logo

After a couple months of culminated effort effort from our devoted executive team, we are happy to present to UOIT the 2018 edition of the Computer Science Society.

This milestone comes comes packaged with positive reflections upon last semester’s successful collaboration on MLH Local Hackday, a zealous rebranding, and exciting plans for the following school year.

MLH Local Hackday

Students were eager to get hacking

To end off last semester with a bit of spirit, the Computer Science Society teamed up with a group of engineering students to host MLH’s 2017 Local Hackday. With support from the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and ENGSOC, we were able to host a 12-hr hackathon challenging groups of students to compete to see who could create the best project before the end of the event. Groups were judged by a panel of experts and the top three went home with prizes!

The day began excitedly with students off to planning their days as quickly as they could. Throughout the morning workshops on web development, data visualization and machine learning inspired project ideas. The hosts remained at the event afterwards to provide mentorship and technical advice where needed.

After the final hectic hours of competition, and a tense judging period we were left with three winning groups. Featured above, we have groups from FBit (Game Development) and the Faculty of Engineering emerging victorious.

Society Rebranding

New homepage

To convince you next year will be as big as it can, we present a monumental redesign of our societies branding. To keep us looking hipper than ever, a fresh redesign of our logo and website was in order. These new visuals make for perfect merchandise, and tons of swag will be coming your way in the near future. (Look out for March this year)

Not all rebranding was superficial however, we will also be changing the way a few core aspects of membership work. Firstly, we have decided to do away with the forums. As a substitute, we will begin using slack for more immediate communications between members of the society as well as the executive team. The website will now serve as a showcase for society milestones, and a go-to source for news, announcements and upcoming events for us as well as UOIT.


Next year, we aim to bring you bi-weekly social events and some larger events throughout the semester, with at least two events per month. These larger events will range from workshops to guest speakers to themed mini hackathons.  To close the year with a bit of a bang, we are in the midst of discussing a full scaled hackathon or similar event.